Arizona Cardinals: Five Best Games On 2015 Schedule


A look ahead to the best games on the Arizona Cardinals schedule in 2015

The Arizona Cardinals have a tougher schedule in 2015 than they did in 2014.  That is a fact based on 2014 records.  Just by the very fact the Cardinals have several games back east should tell you how much tougher th3 2015 season will be.

Not every game appears to be a gem though.  That can be said for both home and away games.  However both also have very attractive games.  Here are my top five games for the Arizona Cardinals this season.

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1. Baltimore Ravens – Monday October 26, University of Phoenix Stadium

This game has to be circled on the calendar by every Arizona Cardinals fan, right?  This is the first regular-season game on national television.  ESPN Monday Night Football.  Former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis will be here touting his Ravens.  He’ll pick them to win, you can count on that.

It is possible the Cardinals will be coming off a very tough game in Pittsburgh.  They will have been on the road the previous two weeks.  This will be the Ravens first ever visit to University of Phoenix Stadium.  The Cardinals need to show them how the job gets done here.

2. at Seattle Seahawks – Sunday November 15, CenturyLink Field

The Cardinals lost here 19-3 in 2014.  The game was close until lat in the third quarter when the Seahawks finally found their way to the end zone.  They need to be healthy for this national television game on NBC Sunday Night Football.  Let’s hope they don’t pull off another dud 35-6 like they did on SNF last season against the Hawks.  I don’t think they do.  I think this will be a much more competitive game.

3. New Orleans Saints – Sunday September 13, University of Phoenix Stadium

It is the season opener.  It is at home.  The Cardinals need to put 2014 behind them quickly and re-establish their home field dominance after the 35-6 thrashing they got in their last home game last season.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees will also be hoping to start off on the right foot after a dismal 2014 campaign.  He will also be without tight end Jimmy Graham for the first time.  Very important for the Cardinals to win game one at home.

4. at Philadelphia Eagles – Sunday December 20, Lincoln Financial Field

Returning to the scene of the crime in December 2013.  The crime was the Cardinals weren’t able to complete the comeback from 21-0 down only to lose 24-21 after a couple of controversial calls against the Cardinals defense late in the game that kept the offense off the field and a chance to complete the amazing comeback.

With the Eagles likely fighting for a playoff spot again, this game could end up being the most important game all season when it is all said and done and we review the 2015 season.  Let’s hope the weather is halfway decent.  It’ll definitely be cold.

5. Green Bay Packers – Sunday December 27, University of Phoenix Stadium

I view this game as more important than the following week 17 game at home against the Seattle Seahawks.  Green Bay will likely also be fighting for playoff positioning.  It won’t matter what the Cardinals do against Seattle if they can’t beat Green Bay.

Sure, the game against the Seahawks could still be very important but the Packers represent a team the Cardinals could be fighting for seeding.  It could also make or break the season for either team, rendering week 17 inconsequential.

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