Arizona Cardinals: Five Bold Predictions


The Arizona Cardinals have been relatively quiet during OTA’s so far

I sit here and wonder quite often when the next foot will drop for the Arizona Cardinals.  Last season every time news came out on them it seemed we were bracing for another injury.  So far, after the first round of OTA’s this week, it has been pretty quiet.  Some minor injuries reported but other than that, just business as usual.

I just don’t think we make it through training camp before the Cardinals make some news.  Quarterback Carson Palmer was reportedly rusty in OTA’s this week and that is to be expected.  First-round pick D.J. Humphries is the only player yet to sign with the team.  These are just a couple of things on my mind.  Here are five things I think do happen between now and the beginning of the season.

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1. The Cardinals will trade receiver Michael Floyd

Sure, they picked up Floyd’s fifth-year option on his rookie contract.  That doesn’t mean anything.  I truly think the Cardinals are trying to rid of him.  They are paying receiver Larry Fitzgerald a lot of money.  Too much money to not be more involved this season.  Floyd has been decent but I think you’re going to see Floyd moved.

2. Undrafted free agent receiver Jaxon Shipley will make the team

This is one reason why I think Floyd gets moved.  If not Shipley, then another receiver is going to step up big time in camp and show he’s ready to be a huge threat.  The Cardinals already have John Brown as a deep threat.  Shipley was one of only three players in Texas Longhorn history with at least three seasons with 50 receptions.  He is third on the Longhorns all-time list in number of career receptions.

3. Carson Palmer will be healthy enough to start the first game of preseason

I know they won’t rush him, but with Palmer being able to at least lightly participate in OTA’s this week, it is encouraging to see the progress he has made physically.  If he isn’t ready then I hope they don’t force him into a lot of preseason action but to get up to game speed it would be fantastic to see Palmer run the first series for the Cardinals in the first preseason game.

2. The Cardinals will add another tight end

They can’t go into camp with only Darren Fells and Troy Niklas as the two guys with the most NFL experience (nine games between the two of them).  They may wait until just before camp or in the first part of camp before adding another guy.  They might even wait to see who gets released towards the end of other camps but the tight end roster today will not be what it is come September 13th.

1. Logan Thomas will not make the final 53-man roster

With Chandler Hornish and Phillip Sims in camp, I truly see one of them pushing Thomas out.  Thomas couldn’t even make it through half a practice before being removed as a consideration for use out on the field at the end of last season.  I know the Cardinals will give him every chance to succeed though.  Publicly they’ve backed him 100 percent.  Secretly I have to imagine they are scared they might run into another Ryan Lindley situation with him.

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