Arizona Cardinals: Five Reasons To Stay In The NFC


There was talk last week the Arizona Cardinals could be on the move to the AFC soon if things work out right

I like AFC football.  There can be some real shootouts.  A lot of offense.  For the Arizona Cardinals, the right place for them is in the NFC.  Last week there was a piece done by speculating on a move to the AFC for the Cardinals.

The piece, well written by Vince Marotta, brings up the idea that because of the possible move of the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders to Los Angeles that one of those teams would need to move to the NFC.  It is a real possibility that will happen and because of NFL rules, one team would have to move to the NFC.  Why the Cardinals though?  Here are five reasons why the Cardinals should stay in the NFC.

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1. Because the Seattle Seahawks should go, not the Cardinals.  No, I am not saying that because I want the Seahawks out of the Cardinals division, although that is a nice thought.  Honestly they started in the AFC.  Send them back.  They have a good history playing the AFC West.

2. The Chargers and the Cardinals would certainly start a great rivalry.  The Chargers are the closest NFL team to Phoenix outside of the Valley, so people here know them well.  A move to Los Angeles would create yet another Phoenix-Los Angeles sports rivalry.

3. Tradition.  The Cardinals have been in the NFC forever.  First their long history in the NFC East in St. Louis and in Phoenix.  Then the last 13 years in the current NFC West.  The Cardinals just look better in the NFC and probably fit better there.

4. Lose San Francisco 49ers and Seahawks games.  Now, you might lose the Seahawks either way, but the Cardinals have started a rivalry against the Niners over the years that has been a bit one-sided lately but the tide seems to be turning.  I don’t like the Niners, but I’d rather see them than the Raiders twice a year.

5. I don’t want to see all that orange in University of Phoenix Stadium once a season.  The Denver Broncos have a huge fan base here in the Valley and every time they come, it’s a sea of orange.  No thanks.  Yes the Raiders have lot of fans but at least the Cardinals have a better chance at winning facing them and keeping those fans quiet.