Arizona Cardinals: OTA’s Resume On Tuesday


The Arizona Cardinals are back on the field Tuesday morning

Happy Memorial Day everyone.  On Tuesday, it is back to the practice field for the Arizona Cardinals.  After a three day OTA camp last week, the Cardinals will be back for three more days of outdoor fun this week.

These OTA’s schedule for Tuesday though Thursday this week are considered “voluntary”.  That word always finds me laughing when it comes to what it really means for an NFL player.

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Sure, the OTA’s this week are “voluntary” but let’s be honest, if you are healthy, have a dedication to winning, and like playing time in the regular season, you’ll be there as a player.  Voluntary just means the player technically can’t be fined or get into trouble for not showing up.  In the NFL these days though, it really means voluntary but in reality you better be there.

Either way, there hasn’t been any news indicating any Cardinals players would not be attending.  Last week was the same way and most everyone that was healthy practiced.  Even quarterback Carson Palmer got time on the field coming off his torn ACL.

After this week’s OTA’s, the Cardinals will get a few days off before resuming more OTA’s next week June 1st through the 4th.  The Cardinals then will finish with a mini-camp on June 8th through the 10th.  That camp is mandatory.

Once the mini-camp is completed, the veterans are off until the start of training camp in Glendale in July.  Rookies will attend a Rookie Symposium from June 21st through June 27th.

One of the things we will keep an eye on the next couple of weeks will be the progress of Palmer.  Palmer threw the ball last week but head coach Bruce Arians deemed him as “rusty”, which is to be expected.  He is currently wearing a knee brace during his time on the practice field.  This is the one time I am glad there is no contact allowed in OTA’s.