Arizona Cardinals: QB Logan Thomas Not Cutting It


Apparently not much has changed in the progress of Arizona Cardinals quarterback Logan Thomas

As I’ve been predicting, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Logan Thomas may be short on time when it comes to his career with the team going forward.  On Tuesday Thomas was out on the practice field during mini-camp but his performance was still not impressive.

“He makes some of those wild throws still and you just scratch your head sometimes, ” head coach Bruce Arians told the media on Tuesday.  Clearly not much has changed since December when Thomas was being considered for a start against the San Francisco 49ers in week 17.

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Thomas had been pegged as the week 17 starter after a poor performance by quarterback Ryan Lindley week 16 against the Seattle Seahawks. The fact that the Cardinals chose to leave Lindley out on the field during a very dismal performance in the playoff game against the Carolina Panthers should have told us all we needed to know about Thomas at the time.  Tuesday it is apparently an unchanged position.

Arians also called Thomas a “work in progress” on Tuesday.  I think he could have just shortened that statement to “work”.  A work in progress suggests there is progress being made.  Based on what we saw and heard in December versus what we heard today, progress is the last thing Thomas’ name is being attached to.

The Cardinals will still of course give him every chance to improve but with just two more mini-camp days left and the last days the Cardinals will be on the field until training camp, his days could be numbered as a Cardinal.  His status will also be decided by how the other backups in Chandler Hornish and Phillip Sims perform.

Thomas got into one regular season game against the Denver Broncos last season and was 1-8 with one touchdown and no interceptions.  The touchdown pass could have been picked though if the defender was turned the right way.

There is no doubt Thomas has an arm but it’s an arm that is wild.  It is a loose cannon that needs to be tightened and quick.  At this point I think the Cardinals expected more from Thomas  by the sound of exasperation coming from Arians on Tuesday.  I want him to do well but I’m just not sure Thomas can be an NFL level quarterback.

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