Arizona Cardinals: Fantasy Studs And Duds


The Arizona Cardinals have their share of players who are hits and share of players that are misses in fantasy football

Now that we are about a month and a half before training camp is in full swing, people are starting to lineup fantasy football leagues.  I got my first invite to join a league last week.  It seems like it starts earlier adn earlier every year.  I have no issue with that whatsoever.

However, I am a homer so I do tend to have one or two guys on my roster that are from the Arizona Cardinals if I am able to.  I don’t load my roster with Cardinals because let’s be realistic, they may win a lot of games on the football field but sometimes the statistics aren’t so pretty.  Even I know where to find the stats guys.

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So as I look at this year’s roster as it projects out to be, here is who I am looking at at this year’s studs and duds when it comes to the Arizona Cardinals and fantasy football.


Quarterback Carson Palmer.  Just for health reasons, I’d probably take him but not keep him as a starter unless you’re in a league that has multiple quarterback starters.  He is a good quarterback who does have the ability to put fantasy points up when he wants.  If he stays healthy, he’s a great guy to plug in if your starter goes down.  I’ve had to do it before.  The problem with having him as your starter is not because of his abilities on the field but how the Cardinals run their offense.  They won’t average 35 points a game and they will run a lot too.  Palmer is a safe backup though.  Use him when your starter is on the bye week.

Running back Andre Ellington.  He’s another guy that will need to stay healthy.  He should be picked up in deeper leagues.  He is a good number two in fantasy but if he emerges as a star number one on the field that could change.  There are weapons that will be used behind him this year though.  Running back David Johnson will pick up some carries and think about taking him in a deeper league too because he could be a guy that gets the ball a lot in the red zone.

Arizona Cardinals defense.  I am already thinking of taking them as my defense.  Sure, they lost a few guys, including defensive coordinator Todd Bowels, but the belief that cornerback Patrick Peterson and safety Tyrann Mathieu are set to break out in 2015 is enough to convince me to give them a try.


Receiver Michael Floyd.  I’ve had him on my roster at some point or another each of the last two seasons.  One week he’ll get you 14-15 points and the next one or two.  He’s very inconsistent.  I can’t advise getting him unless you have little choice or until he proves he can consistently put up numbers week to week.

Receivers John Brown and Larry Fitzgerald.  These guys may end up putting up big numbers and I hope they do of course.  However when I’m picking my fantasy team in July and August, I won’t know what to expect yet.  I should re-phrase that.  I expect them to both perform and put up good numbers, however I’m not about to put my money where my mouth is until I see it proven on the field.  They’ll both have games this season you wish you had them but with so many different weapons available on offense, you just can’t count on it week to week right now.