Arizona Cardinals CB Peterson Tabbed For Sunday Night Football Intro


Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson has been selected for NBC’s Sunday Night Football Opening

I learned today listening to local sports radio that Patrick Peterson has been tabbed by NBC to be part of its Sunday Night Football opening player package.  He replaces receiver Larry Fitzgerald who has been used in previous seasons.’s Burns and Gambo indicated this afternoon Peterson went to Los Angeles this past weekend to film his segment.  It is an interesting choice given Peterson is coming off his worst season since he started in the NFL in 2011.

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I can understand wanting to have fresh guys.  I even understand the want to have someone from the Arizona Cardinals defense given that they were a huge reason they started out to a 9-1 record before finishing 11-5 and a Wild-Card Playoff berth.  I guess if you want a popular face for the defense, then Peterson is the sound choice.  Let’s hope it isn’t a curse or anything like that.  à

For Fitzgerald, he’s been a mainstay in the introductions.  It is understandable that he would no longer be what many would consider a star because of his lack of production.  However I think he’s due for a rebound year and NBC might regret not including him again.

You have to be happy for Peterson and the Cardinals though.  First, for Peterson, it shows people still believe in his talent and abilities.  For the Cardinals, it shows NBC still has some faith in having someone represent the team in its opening.  The Cardinals do appear on Sunday Night Football once during the regular season on November 15th at the Seattle Seahawks.  They also are NBC’s only Sunday Night Football preseason telecast on August 30th at the Oakland Raiders.

Also included in the opening sequence will be the Cardinals logo.  Let me tell you, it looks sharp.  Sunday Night Football on NBC tweeted out a photo of it today.