Arizona Cardinals Roundup June 22, 2015


A wrap-up of interesting Arizona Cardinals tidbits

Now that we are in full swing of downtime each week leading up to the start of training camp we will look at what’s going on with the Arizona Cardinals that we haven’t already done a piece on.  Here is some of the news that you may not have been aware of going on in and around Birdgang.

Happy Birthday to former Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner.  He turned 44 on Monday.  Remember, he contemplated to return to the NFL just this past December but ultimately decided against it having been too long since his last game five years prior.

ESPN took time out for some more Cardinals love.  Last week John Clayton wasn’t high on the Arizona Cardinals quarterback situation.  Their insiders don’t think much of the team.  Today they took time out to tell us how cornerback Patrick Peterson is overpaid.

Backup quarterback Phillip Sims, who is fighting for the third quarterback position behind Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton, was told his eyesight wasn’t very good.  He is due to obtain some corrective lenses per

The Arizona Cardinals had a remodel of their locker room at team headquarters in Tempe.  We chronicled the event recently after it was discovered that Pat Tillman’s old locker was almost tossed out and destroyed in the demolition.  The locker was saved by team employee John Omohundro.  The Cardinals tweeted out this past Thursday of what it looks like now.  Pretty darn sweet if you ask me.