Arizona Cardinals: Five Current Birdgang Headlines


The Arizona Cardinals are still a month from training camp but people are still talking about them

Just because we are still five weeks from training camp and the team is off resting before a long preseason and regular season, doesn’t mean the rest of Birdgang isn’t talking.  Many of us, including yours truly, is chomping at the bit to see the team out on the field.

Other fan sites and media out there are chatting Arizona Cardinals football.  Here is a look at some of the topics being discussed.

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– Arizona Cardinals offseason moves.  Jess Root of Revenge of the Birds put together a nice piece about the most underrated and overrated moves the Cardinals have made this offseason.  He mentions the signing of cornerback Alfonzo Dennard as an overrated move.  In my eyes he’s got a great point.  To me a lot was made about the move and Raising Zona even talked about it when it happened.  This was a guy that the New England Patriots cut loose.  There has been more talk recently though about Jerraud Powers and Justin Bethel.  The move initially I think was exciting for some because of where Dennard was coming from but I have to believe much of that was because of where he payed last.

As an underrated move, he mentions the signing of A.Q. Shipley.  Again, I have to agree 100 percent.  I have Shipley plugged in as the starting center but more people seem to be looking at Ted Larsen.  Let’s not forget how inconsistent Larsen was last season.

Rant Sports gives us five early predictions for the Arizona Cardinals.  Believe it or not I actually see the opposite in all five predictions.  David Johnson starts more games than Andre Ellington?  Hmm..not sure about that.  Carson Palmer regresses?  I don’t see that happening either.  Might be a little rusty at first but that’s to be expected.  Loss of starters hurting defense?  Maybe, just maybe, but they lost Dockett who didn’t play last year, Dan Williams who has been replaced, and Antonio Cromartie who wasn’t all that.

I also don’t see Michael Floyd as developing into one of the better NFL receivers.  Now, I hope that happens but I’ve predicted otherwise.  Their number one prediction is that the Cardinals miss the playoffs.  Again, other than the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers, find me four teams with as good or better chances in the NFC.  The Cardinals will be in the mix at the end I believe.

– Adam Green from talks about CBS reporter Pete Prisco picking Larry Fitzgerald as the Arizona Cardinals most overrated player.  On the surface you ask yourself why would he make such a statement?  I don’t believe this to be true.  Is he overpaid?  Probably but I honestly don’t think you can put a true value on how much Fitz has mean and does currently mean to the franchise.

– Calais Campbell is on Celebrity Family Feud this evening on ABC.  I talked about this last week.  The initial airings of the program last Sunday night got great ratings.  Campbell is part of the NFC team who faces a team from the AFC.

– Keith Myers, editor of Seattle Seahawks FanSided site, did a Q & A with me last week as a preview for Seahawks fans as to what they can expect for the 2015 Arizona Cardinals.

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