Arizona Cardinals: Calais Campbell Appears On Family Feud


Celebrity Family Feud pitted stars from the NFC against stars from the AFC

The episode was everything I had hoped it would be and more.  Arizona Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell was on Celebrity Family Feud on Sunday evening, on a team of NFC All-Stars.  On the team with him were Eddie Lacy from the Green Bay Packers, Thomas Davis from the Carolina Panthers, Vernon Davis from the San Francisco 49ers, and Matt Forte from the Chicago Bears.

The AFC team comprised of Antonio Brown from the Pittsburgh Steelers, Nick Mangold from the New York Jets, Antonio Gates from the San Diego Chargers, Terrell Suggs from the Baltimore Ravens, and DeMarcus Ware from the Denver Broncos.  The AFC team took the game and won $25,000 in fast money at the end.

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Campbell had a couple of chances to answer questions.  He was the man at the end in the fifth position, so he never had a chance to get up to hit the buzzer.  He certainly did provide some entertainment though.   The first question to be asked was “If you’re good at reading body language what part of a woman speaks to you the loudest?”  Well the NFC started off on a good foot but when ti came time to get to Campbell he didn’t exactly give an answer many of us would give to a question like this.  “Shoulders” was his answer.  Host Steve Harvey kind of gave him one of those looks at first that cracks everyone up but then went with it and said why not.  It wasn’t there on the board.

Campbell did have a chance to redeem himself though.  The second question he got to participate in was “”Things that follow the word strip.”  Campbell gave a great answer here.  He said strips tease.  I was yelling at the television for someone to say it.  He finally did.  The answer was there but alas team AFC stole the question after three strikes and won the game.

Right, as much as I wanted the NFC to pull off the victory, it was still fun to watch.  Campbell’s personality shines as much as his talents on the field.  Good times.