Arizona Cardinals: Tyrann Mathieu stays busy with important message


The Arizona Cardinals may have two weeks until training camp but that hasn’t stopped the news cycle from continuing

The Arizona Cardinals report to training camp in Glendale at University of Phoenix Stadium in 16 days on July 31st.  Their first practice will be the next day on Saturday August 1st.  Until then the Cardinals are still making news.

Here are some items making news this week with the Cardinals as a team and individual players.  Links are provided to view original stories.

Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu does a commercial for PETA.

I thought this was a very powerful message sent to owners of dogs.  They sweat and get hot just like human’s do.  Unfortunately not everyone thinks that.  Mathieu as you saw sat in a car for over six minutes before he finally had to give up and get out.  Remember, your dog doesn’t have the opportunity in these situations.

Speaking of Mathieu, named him as their number five player on their list of players who are going to “make the leap” this season.  They state it could be great player making a leap to superstar status or a player going from no-name to starter.  I think it is safe to say Mathieu fits in that first category.

The decision on Daryl Washington must come down soon per NFL rules.

The Cardinals released a three-minute video today on about the Arizona Cardinals State of Football.  I thought it was a powerful piece and very well put together.  It was also an unexpected piece which made it even that much better.

FanSided’s St. Louis Rams fan site, Ramblin Fan, put together a nice piece on fantasy football options within the NFC West.  They seem to like quarterback Carson Palmer and receiver Michael Floyd. gives the Cardinals a B+ grade for their offseason.

So as you see it’s not just Birdgang that has their minds on the Cardinals.  I think it is safe to say many of us are ready to get back to football.  There are some interesting articles out there and hopefully you take the time to read them.  What else are you going to do to stay out of the heat?