Arizona Cardinals: Taking the Cleveland Browns to school


The Arizona Cardinals playfully tweeted the Cleveland Browns on Thursday and it didn’t turn out the way you would have expected

The Cleveland Browns tweeted out a nice picture of their stadium, First Energy Stadium on Thursday.  The Arizona Cardinals noticed and thought it would be nice to tweet a reminder about their visit to Cleveland on November 1st this season.

So you think this would be considered an innocent enough response.  Its just two teams being playful.  Well, then the Browns decided to play off that tweet and take it a little further.

Ok, so the Browns won that one and quite convincingly.  I actually remember that one.  Quarterbacks Jeff Blake and Josh McCown were both miserable.  They only completed 13-32 passes for 152 yards and three interceptions.  Not their day and they finished 4-12 that season.  The Browns though?  Yeah, they finished 5-11.  Ok, so they finish one game better than the Cardinals, fail to make the playoffs, and somehow thisis something to gloat about? Well the Cardinals weren’t done.  They were just as amazed at the comeback as I was.  Here is the subsequent Cardinals tweet reminding people just exactly what has transpired since that November afternoon in 2003.

Classic.  I’ve always loved the Arizona Cardinals and their social media team but this takes the cake.  They took the Browns to school and put them in their place.  The Cardinals may have not taken the NFL by storm since then but they have had the much better franchise since that point, hands down.

The Browns didn’t have much else to say after that point except to tweet out a picture of their end zones being painted.  Fair to say it was awful nice of the Browns to give fans a look of something they don’t see their employees in a lot.

I’m guessing the Browns are sorry they ever tweeted a response to the Cardinals but live and learn right?  My best guess is though the Cardinals will just add on to that 7-0 lead in postseason games since 2003 in this upcoming season.

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