Arizona Cardinals: NFL’s first female coach hired


Arizona Cardinals hired the first female coach in NFL history on Monday

Dr. Jen Welter, welcome to Birdgang!  The assistant coach of the Texas Revolution of the Indoor Football League, has been hired by the Arizona Cardinals.  She was hired to be a part of the Cardinals defensive staff during training camp and the preseason.

She has the credentials and earlier this year coach Bruce Arians when asked if female should be able to coach in the NFL, he said that if a female were to be hired , she’d definitely know her stuff and have to be very qualified.  Apparently Arians found his woman.

Welter is going to work with the linebackers.  With as big as that group is going to be in camp, I say bring in as many coaches as you can.  If you’re qualified, you’re qualified, male or female.

Welter also made history last year in professional football.  She was the first non-kicker female to play on a professional football team when she played for the Revolution last year.  She played at running back.

Now, the part of the story I hate.  Let me give you my two cents and then a message for all the haters.  I love this move.  If she is qualified, I have no issue whatsoever with her being part of the staff.  I think it’s great and I congratulate her for making history.  I applaud the Arizona Cardinals for having the courage to make a move I’m sure many organizations would never make.

As much as I love the move and other Birdgang members and members of the community like the move, I’m seeing as many people throwing a thumbs down at the move.  Why?  If she is qualified, why shouldn’t she get the chance to prove herself?  She’s not hurting anyone and this goes to show how progressive the Cardinals have become.  Hopefully it’s a trend that continues.

The news is barely an hour old and so many people are either being sexist or just plain rude.  I can’t say I’m surprised though.  However if you have anything negative to say about the move, I’ll tell you to please move on and I’d rather you not follow us.  Here are some of the comments I’ve found:

The good:

Then the bad and the ugly: