Arizona Cardinals: Week 2 Power Rankings

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One week in the books, some surprises both up and down.

What a start to the season! With injuries still plaguing teams, including losing big names like Andre Ellington and Dez Bryant, the injury bug will be with us all through the season. Improbable comebacks, surprisingly ineffective offensives, defense issues on multiple teams, when it really counts, things really change.

So, who moved up and down after a week in the books? Is the movement overreactions based on a lack of material to analyze? Maybe, but through limit view we have of the season so far, here’s where we are.

28. What a mess, all the promise that was built up in the preseason, especially against the Cardinals now just looks like game planning against a team that didn’t game plan in return. Derek Carr going out with an injured hand can’t help the situation at all.. (0-1). Previous: 30th. Oakland Raiders. 31. team

(0-1). Previous: 29th. Jacksonville Jaguars. 30. team. 52. Watching Blake Bortles run is like watching a golem stumble towards a wizard to be destroyed, it just shouldn’t be done, or witnessed by anyone. Matte helmets and optimism will only get you so far.

Sep 13, 2015; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston (3) and Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota (8) hug after their game at Raymond James Stadium. The Titans defeated the Buccaneers 42-14. Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 29. team. 48. Your first overall pick sends his first pass into the arms of a defender (a little floater too) and is returned for six points, while watching the guy picked after him light it up for four TDs <em>in the first half!</em> The Tampa Bay defense wasn’t compiled with stars, but it certainly doesn’t have much talent either.. (0-1). Previous: 27th

We said last week that expectations will be high when you pick so high in the draft and we were right, expectations were high, and met with Marcus Mariotta surprising just about everyone in the league. That’s how you start a career, but it was against the lowly Bucs, so they weren’t playing against the top tiers of the NFL’s available defenses, but a win is a win.. (1-0). Previous: 32nd. Tennessee Titans. 28. team. 35

If there ever is a quality loss, this was it, the Bears held it in there with the Packers, a much higher ranked team, and showed that there is reason for hope under John Fox. It still wasn’t a win, something the Bears needed more than a moral victory after last season, and with Arizona coming to town, and Bruce Arians, the man they rejected for the head coaching job three years ago.. (0-1). Previous: 31st. Chicago Bears. 27. team. 57