Arizona Cardinals: Week 3 Power Rankings

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 27. team. 48. Jameis Winston gets his first NFL win in impressive fashion. We won’t give them the division just yet, but after two weeks, they aren’t in last place.. (1-1). Previous: 29th

Sep 20, 2015; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles running back DeMarco Murray looks at the line judge as Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Jack Crawford tackles him in the fourth quarter at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

team. 54. What a hole of despair it must be in Philly right now. The former-league-leading rusher is held to negative yards for most of the game, a single first down in the first half (by penalty), and more three and outs than I could count. Does Chip Kelly lose his job over his ego?. (0-2). Previous: 18th. Philadelphia Eagles. 26

team. 35. The Titans move up at the expense of several teams moving down. Not a lot of good this week, but it’s early in the season to crown, or doom them.. (1-1). Previous: 28th. Tennessee Titans. 25

Well AP got the ball this week, looking like vintage Peterson, the speed was still there, but hold on to that ball!. (1-1). Previous: 25th. Minnesota Vikings. 24. team. 60

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(1-1). Previous: 24th. Cleveland Browns. 23. team. 53. Queue up the QB controversy here in Cleveland just as Johnny Football starts to actually mature into an actual football player. Maybe the Texans can take one of these two guys?

51. A great defense helped to win week 1 against Seattle, then that defense took the week off.. (1-1). Previous: 22nd. St. Louis Rams. 22. team