Arizona Cardinals: Bruce Arians tells it as it is


Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians doesn’t hold back on what he thinks they’ve accomplished so far

So, you’re 2-0.  You’re leading the NFC West by one game over the San Francisco 49ers and St. Louis Rams.  You’ve opened up an early two-game lead on two-time NFC defending champion Seattle Seahawks.  Well, if you are Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians, so what?

In the NFL, being 2-0 is great and all but you haven’t won anything yet.  The Cardinals started 2-0 last season.  Heck they started 3-0 and 9-1 before everything fell apart and lost in the NFC Wildcard game.

Arians will always say what’s on his mind.  It is usually brutally honest but that is the type of coach you want if you want to be a winner.  There is no need to sugar coat things.  Yes, things are currently good at 2-0 but your fortune can change in a hurry in the NFL.

Carson Palmer said it best to Sporting News.

"“This team, when you look back to last year being 9-1, you never felt like we’ve arrived. I don’t see that being an issue for us this year.”"

Exactly what I was alluding to.  Even at 9-1, the Cardinals were still just two games ahead of the Seahawks last season.  Two of the final six games were against those Seahawks, without Palmer, and they lost both games.  By the time everything was said and done, the Cardinals were 11-5, one game behind the Seahawks, who finished the 2014 season 12-4 and in favor of any tiebreaker.

That’s not to say it will happen again and as long as the Cardinals stay healthy there is no reason to believe they won’t be there at the end.  However on the flip side, just because the Seahawks are 0-2, both losses on the road mind you, there is no reason to believe they will continue on that pace either.

High praise from a class individual.  In BA we trust.

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