Arizona Cardinals: Beating the 49ers Tecmo Bowl style


The Arizona Cardinals blowout victory on Sunday over the San Francisco 49ers inspired a Tecmo Bowl version

In what might be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen, someone was genius enough to come up with a Tecmo Bowl version of the Arizona Cardinals 47-7 domination of the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.  The video I will share was made by a man named Bryce McBride from Retro SFX Sports.

Huge props to this guy.  It certainly brought me back to my days at the University of Arizona where I would spend countless hours in my free time from my studies playing Ninendo’s Tecmo Bowl in my buddy’s dorm room.

Full disclosure, I was usually the one on the losing end so what 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is feeling after all those interceptions is something I was accustomed to in Tecmo.  McBride used game highlights from Fox 10 and inserted the Tecmo sounds. Click on the link in the tweet below to see the full video.

If you think about it though, the way the Cardinals have started the season with 126 points and a 77 point differential on opponents, it was inevitable that something like this would come along.  when you think about it though, the way Kaepernick was sharing the balls with Cardinals defenders on Sunday, it really was a Tecmo Bowl sort of game.

It used to be only in video games could you get the Cardinals to score 47 points in a game, much less against the 49ers.  I’m not saying this will be the norm for the rest of the season because there are some tough opponents coming up on the road after this week, however don’t be surprised if this isn’t the only time you see something like this pop up this season in the Cardinals favor.