Arizona Cardinals: Week 4 Power Rankings

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team. 31. The Giants actually closed out a game! By winning and not giving it away to the other team! The Giants are tied for second place in the division! Huzzah!. (1-2). Previous: 21st. New York Giants. 17

16. team. 60. Give AP the ball, take it out of Teddy’s hands. Win. Rinse. Repeat. That sounds like a winning formula as it starts to get cold up north.. (2-1). Previous: 24th. Minnesota Vikings

13. The Chargers lost an important game to a lesser opponent, in a tough division, but not as tough as in recent years for Phillip Rivers, who may not be the best QB in the division with Manning declining, but the lack of consistency keeps the team from doing anything more than .500 ball.. (1-2). Previous: 18th. San Diego Chargers. 15. team

Previous: 15th. Indianapolis Colts. 14. team. 46. The Colts finally get a win, it took a lot longer than anyone thought, but they’re back in first place (tied) with everyone else in their division. Still, they’re an absolute mess in all facets of the game. It will be interesting to see if they can turn it around and win the division and go 8-8, which may be all it takes to win the AFC South.. (1-2)