Arizona Cardinals: Flying under the radar


Even after their prolific start it still seems that the Arizona Cardinals aren’t getting the national attention they deserve.

After 3 games the Arizona Cardinals have had 3 players win Players of the Week awards. After 3 games the Arizona Cardinals have been averaging the most points per game this season at 42.0 points per game. Even after achieving such accomplishments, it appears that they have still been considered after thoughts in terms of being contenders.

Many fans have already concluded that a Green Bay vs. New England Super Bowl will be inevitable.

While it is true that both New England and Green Bay have been playing excellent football so far this season, it is just too soon to call for a Rodgers and Brady showdown in Super Bowl 50, especially with the way the Arizona Cardinals have started off this season. Led by a resurgent Carson Palmer who has helped return Larry Fitzgerald to the player we all knew who he was. A staunch defense led by Pro Bowlers Calais Campbell and Patrick Peterson, and a special teams unit brimming with that talent that has proven to be a game changer. While still considered the little brother when it comes to Super Bowl discussions, the Arizona Cardinals are not a complete afterthought. Several members of the media have applauded the “old man” movement led by Palmer and Fitzgerald, and the coaching and preparation of Bruce Arians.

While it can be frustrating that one of the hottest teams in the league are being left out of the Super Bowl conversion, there will be plenty more opportunities for the Arizona Cardinals open many eyes. With two late season match ups against the Seattle Seahawks along with a Week 16 potential NFC Championship game preview against the Green Bay Packers, the Cardinals will get many more chances to show off their potential.

For now, they’ll just have to keep beating every team on their schedule.

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