Inactives: Arizona Cardinals vs Detroit Lions


The Arizona Cardinals and the Detroit Lions have announced their inactives for Sunday afternoon’s game

The Arizona Cardinals were going to have seven healthy inactives on Sunday and here they are.  No huge surprises except for maybe linebacker Sean Weatherspoon.  The others I could definitely see why they are inactive.

The Detroit Lions had a long injury list this week, so many of their inactives are not really a surprise either.  They include tight end Eric Ebron, who was injured last Monday night against the Seattle Seahawks.

Arizona Cardinals inactives:

QB Matt Barkley, WR J.J. Nelson, LB Shaq Riddick, LB Sean Weatherspoon, G/C Ted Larsen, T D.J. Humphries, and NT Xavier Williams.

Barkley is the third quarterback so that is the least shocking selection.  Larsen is a victim of numbers and players playing better than him right now.  I have no problem with that move either.  J.J. Nelson was injured in week two against the Chicago Bears and was deemed available this week.  Nothing wrong with moving him along slowly though.

You wonder if at some point that D.J. Humphries and/or Xavier Williams gets into a game this year?  At the very least I would like to see Humphries progress enough to be given a shot.  At this point though it may take an injury to someone else before he gets that shot.

Detroit Lions inactives:

TE Eric Ebron, RB Joique Bell, T Corey Robinson, G Larry Warford, DT Haloti Ngata, DT Ishmaa’ily Kitchen, LB Kyle Van Noy

Ebron as I said is not a real shock.  Not any shocks here given the injury reports this week but nevertheless it is a loss for Detroit to not see Bell or Ngata out there this afternoon.  Also a big loss is Warford, considered the best offensive lineman for the Lions.  This is the second game he will miss this season.