Arizona Cardinals: Time to clear the air


The Arizona Cardinals lackluster effort on Sunday lead to a a 36-6 loss to the Seattle Seahawks

Let’s get one thing straight quickly here.  The Arizona Cardinals that showed up on Sunday to get blown out by the Seattle Seahawks is not the same team that will show up in the playoffs.  Their lack of passion on Sunday was evident.  Take nothing away from the Seahawks.  They came ready to play.  The Cardinals felt like they could turn a switch on anytime they wanted to.

On Monday, Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians even said as much.  He said he was most disappointed in the effort.  He said after the game on Sunday that he could see this type of game coming given the lack of focus in practices last week.

However another thing Arians added on Monday was that the plan was to pull starters all along in the second half, beginning with quarterback Carson Palmer.  Judging by comments on Monday afternoon from those not Cardinals fans, particularly Seattle fans, they don’t believe him.  That’s fine, that’s their choice.  Arians is a straight shooter though.

Arians last week said he would play his starters to keep from rust settling in given the first-round bye in the NFC Playoffs.  Of course he’s not going to fully tip his hand.  On Monday he admitted that the plan all along was to pull starters regardless if they were winning or not.  I believe him, 100 percent.

Arians has been known to throw media and fans off course prior to a game.  After a game, he will tell you what the plan really was.  Remember back in November against the Cleveland Browns when we all thought John Brown was going to play because he was active for the first time in two weeks?  Arians admitted there was no way Brown was sniffing the field unless an injury occurred.

This was classic Arians today spelling out facts.  These weren’t excuses for the loss yesterday, although most Seahawks fans felt like it was all a bunch of made up excuses for losing.  Try again.  Arians doesn’t roll that way.  If a plan fails, if a plan goes awry, Arians will be the first to admit it.  He doesn’t make up excuses.  It’s not his style.

While we are at it, I’d like to clear the air on my part yesterday as well.  During the game, I tweeted that the game was over.  This was right before halftime when the game became 30-6. I wasn’t saying it was over because I’m not a fan or because I wanted it to be true.  I said it because it was a fact.

I had a feeling that was going to be all for Palmer and maybe more and I was right.  No need to keep pushing down 24 at halftime.  Keep your guys healthy for the real prize.  I was called bandwagon and not a true fan for tweeting that.  Believe what you’d like but there was nothing further from the truth.

We are in this together Birdgang.  Yesterday’s game meant nothing and while I would have loved to have seen the Cardinals beat the Seahawks, there were more important things to worry about.  I love the passion all of you bring to the game but let’s not get on a track of beating each other up.  We need to be one voice now.  If there are people joining the bandwagon, fine.  You know what?  The more fans the better, even if just for a three-week run to the Super Bowl.

Just please understand if you are new to Birdgang, we are a passionate group of fans that want nothing but success for the team.  Win or lose, we always back our coach Bruce Arians and we always back the Cardinals players and organization.  Now, on to January 16th.