Arizona Cardinals spend Wednesday prepping for Packers


The Arizona Cardinals have the luxury of not playing this weekend while preparing for three different teams

Wednesday was Green Bay Packers day for the Arizona Cardinals.  They have broken down their three days of practice each day this week and are dedicating each day to a different team that has the possibility of playing the Cardinals next Saturday night January 16th.

The Cardinals will then spend the next two days preparing for the Minnesota Vikings and the Washington Redskins.  According to Paul Calvisi on Cards Daily, head coach Bruce Arians said he has game plans for all three teams almost in place.

It shouldn’t have been too difficult for the Cardinals to game plan for the Packers.  The two teams just saw each other 10 days ago in Glendale.  The Cardinals as you remember routed the Packers 38-8.  That’s doesn’t mean the same result will appear if the two play again but the Cardinals should have a fairly good idea of what to expect.

The Cardinals will play the winner of the Packers-Vikings game if the Seattle Seahawks beat the Vikings this Sunday.  At this rate, it could be any of the three and I don’t think the Cardinals have any favorite.  I know this though.  If the Cardinals end up with the Vikings next week, that means the Seahawks are done.  That game is expected to be well below zero in wind chills on Sunday afternoon in Minneapolis.  Oh how great to be a Cardinals fan!

Hard to believe that if the Cardinals do win next week, no matter who the opponent is, that quarterback Carson Palmer will have won his first postseason game ever.  Let’s hope he grabs it!  Game time is currently set for 6:15 p.m. Arizona time on the 16th at University of Phoenix Stadium.  The game will be on NBC.