Arizona Cardinals fans go wild after OT victory


The Arizona Cardinals defeated the Green Bay Packers on Saturday night 26-20 in overtime

Well, the Arizona Cardinals even got a congratulations from Kylo Ren himself, Star Wars’ Adam Driver at the beginning of Saturday Night Live on NBC.  The Cardinals have gotten that kind of attention.  They’ve come a long way.

What can you say?  Arizona Cardinals have gotten a lot of attention on Twitter on Saturday night.  It was such a crazy game many couldn’t believe what they just watched.  The Cardinals victory over the Packers was a game that will not soon be forgotten.  People are excited.

There were some haters.  There were some people who thought the Cardinals got lucky.  Maybe a little luck.  The referees didn’t do either team any favors most of the night.  All that matters though is the end result.  The Cardinals are on to the NFC Championship game.

It wasn’t pretty.  There are a number of things the Cardinals will need to improve on to win next Sunday.  Just enjoy this one though tonight.  This one will be tough to top.