Arizona Cardinals: The road to ending the drought


The Arizona Cardinals have the second-longest professional championship drought amongst North American sports teams

The Chicago Cubs longest title drought of 107 years won’t be touched by anyone soon, however the Arizona Cardinals sure are giving it a run.  While the Cubs drought is at 107-years, the Cardinals are at 67-years and counting since they won an NFL Championship.

The Cubs got close during the 2015 season but in the end got swept by the New York Mets in the National League Championship Series.  The Cardinals now go to face the Carolina Panthers in the NFC Championship game.

A memory that I both want to remember and forget all at once, the Cardinals did make it to the Super Bowl seven seasons ago against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Of course we were all crushed in the end as it appeared the Cardinals were going to finally break their drought.

Now the Cardinals have the chance to make up for that crushing memory.  First and foremost though they need to take care of business against the Panthers.  Panthers quarterback Cam Newton will have his say on Sunday evening before it is all said and done.  However Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer and the Cardinals arsenal of weapons on offense and defense will get their say as well.

In just their second NFC Championship game in 28 seasons in Arizona, we all must realize these opportunities do not come around every day.  The Cardinals recognize they haven’t been able to get where they are without you the fans.  It is impressive the number of fans heading to Charlotte, North Carolina this weekend despite the weather conditions.

This franchise has come a long way and even if they don’t win on Sunday or if they do and happen to lose in Super Bowl 50 to the Denver Broncos or New England Patriots, it will still be one of the most successful seasons in franchise history. I doubt with the front office the way it is currently constructed, that the drought will last much longer.