Arizona Cardinals fans vent frustrations, need re-direction


The Arizona Cardinals lost 49-15 to the Carolina Panthers in the NFC Championship Game

It’s only human nature to be upset after your team loses.  As such is the case with Arizona Cardinals Sunday evening.  They’ve taken to Twitter to explode on the Cardinals.  Some of course won’t say a single negative thing either and I certainly love their attitude.

The thing I’m seeing the most is people turning on Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer.  What gives?

Really? Is that so? So we can forget everything Palmer did to get us to this point? What planet are you from? That’s not how it works. Yes, he played a miserable game. It was just that though, one game.

If you are so tied into one poor playoff performance for any individual, then why play the regular season?  Sure, he wasn’t great against the Green Bay Packers either but let’s be real here.  I’ll just assume you are upset and will sleep it off.

Again, really? You all of a sudden hate your name because of one game? Go talk to your parents young man. Oh, and maybe you should go check out the video made by Dove about him and his family last week. I think you might just change your mind. It’s just football dude.

Just no class here whatsoever. People like this just have no clue. I hate to call out people but from time to time the stupidity just rocks to the core. Clearly, this man is upset too. Hopefully he’ll get some rest.

Oh that last tweet is just fantastic. If you were a real fan, you wouldn’t be relying on one game to keep you going as one. I have a news flash for this dude. Palmer isn’t going anywhere. Any suggestions on who we should tell him to go be a fan of next?

Shame on you people. Go sleep it off.