Arizona Cardinals: A shout out to the positive fans


The Arizona Cardinals got torn to shreds on Twitter on Sunday evening but it is time to move on

Last night I called out a number of fans calling for the removal of Carson Palmer as Arizona Cardinals quarterback.  Some were calling for his retirement, some calling for him to be traded.  Many felt they had been duped.  I brought them to everyone’s attention.

What I should have also done is bring attention to those fans who stayed positive through it all.  They are the real fans who deserve the accolades.  It’s tough to be positive in light of a 49-15 drubbing.  However you realize there will be another day for the Cardinals.  Just not in the 2015 season.

I apologize I didn’t spotlight the positive comments first last night because they existed. They were just outnumbered greatly. I appreciate all the fans sticking with us this season and we have a lot more to talk about over the next six months before training camp starts. Thank you Birdgang!