Arizona Cardinals players dropping out of Pro Bowl


After the Arizona Cardinals lost on Sunday evening, now we may not see any of them in next Sunday’s Pro Bowl

A trip to Hawaii sounds pretty good just about now.  After a long hard season that came to a frustrating end on Sunday in Charlotte, North Carolina, you’d think a vacation in Hawaii was exactly what the doctor ordered.  Nope, not so fast.

The Cardinals have already had three of their Pro Bowl players drop out of next week’s game.  Two of them cited injuries.

This morning quarterback Carson Palmer dropped out of the Pro Bowl, citing his injured finger as the reason.  Funny, coach Bruce Arians said on Sunday evening his finger wasn’t injured.  I will say this, it was likely a bother but not as hurt as some people think.  There is no reason to further an injury in a meaningless game.

The fact that Cardinals players are dropping out really comes as no surprise though.  Last night’s game stings, for both fans and players. So, no problem with Palmer skipping the trip.

Then this afternoon, receiver Larry Fitzgerald dropped out but no specific injury was noted.  Again though, this came as no surprise.  Then finally this evening guard Mike Iupati dropped out, citing an injured shoulder.  He did have an MRI this morning, so I guess I give him a pass too if it was bad enough to get an MRI.

I think the Cardinals are just more hurt on the inside and the last thing they want to do is play an exhibition football game when they all were expecting to be in California preparing for the Super Bowl.  Also, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady dropped out Monday as well.  Like I said, these guys just want to get away from football.  I can’t say I blame them but I feel for the fans who have tickets to attend.