Arizona Cardinals could get to Super Bowl in 2016


Experts have been weighing in over the past week about the Arizona Cardinals chances in 2016

Some think the Arizona Cardinals are ready to take that next step in 2016, get to Super Bowl LI.  Of course in order to do that, the Cardinals have work to do.  It won’t be easy.

Then again, should it be easy if you are getting the Super Bowl?  The Carolina Panthers, Seattle Seahawks, and the rest of the NFC might have something to say about it before it is all said and done.  Some have even gone as far as making the Cardinals the favorite in the NFC.  I’m not sure I am ready to go that far…yet.

Let’s remember the Cardinals were blasted by the Panthers just three weeks ago, not three months ago.  There is a lot of work to be done in free agency and the draft.

The Cardinals need to address their pass rush, the safety and cornerback positions, and the linebacking core.  On offense the offensive line is the biggest attention grabber right now.  Look for the offensive line depth chart to look a little different in 2016 vs 2015.

The Cardinals though are set at the skill positions as long as they stay healthy.  Carson Palmer will return at quarterback. David Johnson returns at running back and hopefully Chris Johnson does as well.  Even if Chris Johnson doesn’t return though, they could add a second-tier guy for depth to compliment David Johnson and Andre Ellington.

At receiver, the Cardinals shouldn’t do a thing.  They are set.  None of their receivers are free agents.  They have one free agent tight end in Jermaine Gresham and should let him walk.

The schedule is also tougher in 2016.  They have the New England Patriots and New York Jets coming to town.  The Cardinals have to go east to play the Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins.  They also have to go east to play the Carolina Panthers and the Atlanta Falcons.

Let’s not forget trips to face the Seattle Seahawks and now west to face the Los Angeles Rams.  Oh and a trip north to face the Minnesota Vikings is on tap as well.  If they make it to the playoffs and the Super Bowl, they will have earned it. I think they can do it no doubt.  I just think it will be harder than some think.