Arizona Cardinals: Steve Keim Combine presser notes


Arizona Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim addressed the media at the NFL Scouting Combine on Wednesday

Steve Keim commands about as much attention at the podium as any head coach in the NFL.  The Arizona Cardinals general manager took his turn at the podium on Wednesday while attending the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

Keim touched on a few subjects in his short allotted time.  One subject?  Andre Ellington.

As we are all aware Ellington has spent a lot of time on the sidelines thanks to injury over the past couple of seasons. Keim made no bones the man must stay healthy or else.Keim said he loves the dynamic of Ellington but if he is unable to keep his durability up, the Cardinals may have to go with other options in the future.

He also addressed the team’s long list of free agents.  While they will likely offer some contracts he also admitted they may want to see what the free agent market brings.  He has said on a couple of occasions in the past week that they have to “draw a line in the sand” when it comes to personnel.

The reality is the Cardinals likely will part with some guys they’d rather keep but the price may not be right.  That’s a reality every NFL team faces this time of year.  They also have some guys with expiring contracts in 2017 and it is never too early to start thinking about those guys as well.

Keim also said that although some contract offers may be made to their own free agents before the March 9th start of free agency, if those offers still sit on the table at that point, the Cardinals may pull some of those offers.  It sounds like Keim is prepared for some take it or leave it offers.  What that also does is put the onus of the decision squarely in the player’s corner.

So, if a player does not agree to terms but was tendered an offer, then the Cardinals can come back and say at least they tried.  They may try harder on some and not so hard on others.  Either way Keim also said that if you say you are willing to let someone go, then mean it. There won’t be any empty promises in Arizona.