Arizona Cardinals: RB’s at Scouting Combine


The Arizona Cardinals may not need a starting running back but some depth would be nice

The Arizona Cardinals are set as far as their starting running back in David Johnson, however after that the race is wide open.  Chris Johnson may or may not come back.  Andre Ellington may or may not be hurt next year…well, ok, we know how that likely turns out.  So, do the Cardinals look at add depth in this year’s draft?

Today the running backs had their chance to run the 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine.  While I am not a huge fan of the 40 because it doesn’t really give an accurate measure of their speed, it is still important to note, since the NFL says it is.

I would want to know more how they did in the first 10-20 yards but if this is what we have to work off of right now, so be it.  Here are the top three 40-yard-dash times today.

Keith Marshall – Georgia

He ran a 4.31 40 on Friday. Marshall right now isn’t on many draft boards. has him listed as the 526th best prospect.  That would put him at undrafted.  It also doesn’t even put him in undrafted free agent range.  After a run like that, does it get him noticed?

The problem is he is a smaller, lighter back.  He is listed a 5-11, 219.  I don’t think that body type would fit what the Cardinals are currently looking for.

Tyler Ervin  – San Jose State

His time was 4.41.  CBS Sports has him as the 162nd best overall player in the draft.  He is currently projected as a fifth round pick.  He is smaller and lighter than Marshall.  I would likely look past him if you are a Cardinals fan looking for possible depth options.

Kenyan Drake – Alabama

Drake ran a 4.45. He is a more known back and is ranked by CBS as the eighth-best back in the draft.  They project him as a third or fourth round pick.  That falls more in line when I would expect the Cardinals to take a player.  Drake stands a little taller at 6-1 but is also at 210.

It isn’t always about overall speed. Does the back have a burst off the line?  How is his breakaway speed?  Does he have the ability to avoid tackles and if he can’t avoid tackles can said back fight defenders off?  To me those are more important issues.