Arizona Cardinals could be looking to move Calais Campbell


Defensive end Calais Campbell was selected in the second round of the 2008 NFL Draft by the Arizona Cardinals 

When reported a story earlier today about Arizona Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell being shopped around by the team it came as a shock.  While Campbell hasn’t produced the sack numbers some expected, he has still been a vital part of the Cardinals defense for the first eight seasons of his career.

In 2015, Campbell did not produce much in the way of sacks.  He had five sacks in 2015.  This is after seven sacks in 2014 and nine in 2013.  He has 48.5 sacks for his eight seasons in the NFL.

In 2014 there were some games where he had more almost sacks than he did actual sacks during the whole season.  That part is likely very frustrating for the Cardinals front office and coaching staff.  Still, given his Pro Bowl selections over each of the last two seasons, it is a little more than surprising the Cardinals are willing to part with him.

I get it though.  The team wants more production from its defensive ends.  When linebacker, aging linebacker Dwight Freeney led the team in sacks with eight in 2015, that rose red flags.  The Cardinals have made no qualms about going out and finding pass rushers, albeit through free agency, the draft, or via trade.

If the Cardinals truly are willing to part with Campbell, they will need to get a lot in return.  I’m talking players and draft picks, unless it significantly improves their standing in the first round of the draft this year.

There was a lot of news about Cardinals free agents and free agents the Cardinals are rumored to be interested in on Monday, including backup quarterback Drew Stanton.  Could the Cardinals be targeting another pass rusher in free agency and also looking to gain another quarterback as it is rumored Stanton may not return to the Cardinals?

Either way, it is apparent some Cardinals fans are not happy with the rumors.  Campbell is not only a good player on the field but a pillar of the community.  He’s as personable a talent you will find anywhere in the NFL.  In the end though, it’s all about business.