Arizona Cardinals fans frustrated with lack of signings


The Arizona Cardinals signed one free agent on the first day of 2016 NFL free agency.

The Arizona Cardinals were not going to reach. They were not going to overpay. Basically they weren’t going to go out and add names just for the sake of adding names. The Cardinals have not been shy about what their strategy would be entering free agency. A line was going to be drawn.

The Cardinals certainly drew that line. Sure, they did make some calls. They were close on defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul. He decided to return to the New York Giants instead. The one free agent addition was safety Tyvon Branch from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Let’s be honest here. The Cardinals were 13-3 last season. They weren’t about to go get crazy and overpay for veteran players who were someone else’s second or third choice.

That hasn’t stopped fans from going nuts on social media, though. Let’s just say there aren’t a lot of happy campers out there in Birdgang land. However, there are some fans that understand what the Cardinals are trying to accomplish.

However, fans like that were being drowned out by those in panic mode. To those people I have to say: just chill out. Have some faith in your Cardinals.

That’s just a small sampling. Let’s be real here though my friends. The Cardinals were 13-3 last season. They were one game from the Super Bowl. That doesn’t sound like a team that needs to go out and make huge splashes in free agency.

Yes, making a few moves to solidify a roster and fill in a few holes can be a good thing, but otherwise you don’t win championships on a bunch of overpaid free agents. That has been proven time and again. Can one or two guys make a difference? Quite possibly.

Making moves for the sake of making moves, or because other teams are doing it, is not how you build a championship team. Sure, Jason Pierre-Paul would have been nice. Olivier Vernon would have been nice. Nice, but not great. Have some faith in the Cardinals, Birdgang. Oh and hey, Bobby Massie signed with the Chicago Bears. Addition by subtraction.