Arizona Cardinals: Jermaine Gresham stays with team


Tight end Jermaine Gresham spent 2015 with the Cardinals after spending first five seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals

What looked like a week ago would be a certain departure now is official the other way around.  The Arizona Cardinals have re-signed tight end Jermaine Gresham.  Gresham turned down other offers to return to the Cardinals.

Gresham, who battled injury early on in the 2015 season, came to Arizona last spring on a one-year deal after starting his career with the Bengals.  He injured his back with the Bengals in 2014.  However, his production still didn’t meet the expectations the Cardinals had for him.

In 2015, Gresham had 18 receptions for 223 yards and just one touchdown.  Gresham fell behind on the depth chart behind Darren Fells.  One he hit the free agent market last week, it was thought Gresham would leave Arizona for another pasture.

Turns out, Gresham did get other offers.  Gresham visited both the New York Jets and the Chicago Bears over the past few days.  Both offered him more money than Arizona was willing to give him.  However his love of Arizona got him to return.

It is refreshing to see a player want to be in Arizona for being in Arizona with the Cardinals and not just a big payday.  There was a day in the not too distant past that wasn’t the case.

So no he’s on another one-year deal for the Cardinals.  The deal saves the Cardinals from having to go out and replace him.  It also gives Gresham one more chance to prove the Cardinals made the right choice in bringing him here.

The trick for Gresham now will be to stay healthy.  Of course that is no guarantee.  If he does manage to stay healthy his numbers should greatly improve in 2016.