Arizona Cardinals: 5 top free agent receivers

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Brian Quick

The Los Angeles Rams receiver had 41 receptions for 541-yards and three touchdowns in 2016. Two of those touchdowns was against the Cardinals.

Part of his issue was of course the quarterbacks he had throwing the ball to him.  He could connect often with an experienced quarterback in Carson Palmer in 2017.

His best performances were with Casey Keenum at quarterback in the first-half of the 2016 season.  He is someone that could come in to Arizona and easily get 60-80 receptions on a regular basis.

Now Quick could opt to stay in Los Angeles.  At 6’3, 218, and 27-years old, the five-year receiver out of Appalachian State would look good in a Cardinals uniform.

He had his best season in the NFL in 2016.  He’s on his way up personally, now his his chance to possibly upgrade his employer.  Best guess is he stays in Los Angeles but you never know.