Arizona Cardinals: Ranking the NFC West quarterback units

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LOS ANGELES, CA – JANUARY 01: Quaerrterback Carson Palmer

The Arizona Cardinals like the Seattle Seahawks go with the same starting quarterback in 2017

When you look at the NFC West and the quarterbacks who will lead them, not a lot as changed and that includes the Arizona Cardinals.  However just two of the four teams in the division will have the same opening day starter as 2016.

After the starters though, there are even some changes amongst the Cardinals and Seahawks. Look for training camp to determine the depth chart at the position for both teams.

The Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers are still works in progress.  However, as with most sports, everything is cyclical.  The cycle just won’t change in 2017 but time is nearing for that to happen.

When discussing NFC West quarterbacks in comparison to other divisions, their is still some disrespect out there but when you put statistics on paper, an argument can be made that the division does host some pretty darn good signal-callers.

There could be changes coming as far as the position goes with the Arizona Cardinals going in next season and beyond.  For now though, barring any health issues, the quarterback position should not be amongst the most worrisome for fans in the desert.

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