Arizona Cardinals: With Arians gone, eyes now on Fitz

(Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images) Larry Fitzgerald
(Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images) Larry Fitzgerald /

One piece of the puzzle has fallen, now many look to Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald’s decision on his future

Bruce Arians wasted little time in retiring from football once the season began.  It is going to take Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald a little longer.

Just like last season, Fitz is going to take some time to decide whether he will return for a 15th NFL season or not.  The difference this year is that head coach Bruce Arians is already gone.

Fitz has previously said that his retirement decision was not tied into the decision of Arians or quarterback Carson Palmer.  While we wait on Palmer as well, Fitz’s decision will be his own.  Palmer may have his decision made for him by the team.

While we would not blame Fitz for calling it a career as well, you have to think there is a chance he comes back.  He still produced at a very high level.  He finished the 2017 season with 109 receptions, tying his career high.  He had 1,156-yards receiving and six touchdowns.

If he does leave, he will go out on top but also without a Super Bowl ring.  He signed a contract extension for the 2018 season but that only guarantees his contract is in place if he does decide to return.

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With Arians retired, it would make sense the team and Fitz will sit down together before he makes a decision on 2018.  Surely he will want to know what direction the team is not only going as far as a head coach but also at quarterback.

Fitz may not want to start over with a new head coach from outside the organization.  He may not want to start with a young quarterback.  Then again, many thought he would retire after last season and they were wrong.

Fitz will likely tell us all of his decision before the Super Bowl.  There won’t be any fanfare though.  Let’s just all hope he comes back for one more ride but if he does leave, he put on a nice show in his finale in Seattle with eight receptions.