Arizona Cardinals making right move with release of Peterson

The Arizona Cardinals are reportedly ready to part ways with running back Adrian Peterson

It was fortunate when he was available when Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson went down with a season-ending injury.  Adrian Peterson was able to provide a spark to a running game that much needed it.

As predicted however, the stay in Arizona is likely to be short lived. reported this week that Peterson is going to be cut by the Cardinals.

This should come as a shock to almost no one.  We all knew when Johnson was going to return, Peterson wasn’t going to want to play second fiddle to him.

That was Peterson’s problem in New Orleans with the Saints.  Peterson was relegated to backup and saw very little action.  The same would have happened in Arizona in 2018.

The big question is will this be it for Peterson?  Many thought it could have been it before he made it to Arizona.  However he put up big numbers in two of his first three games for the Cardinals.

He had quite the debut rushing for 134-yards and two touchdowns against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in October.  He had 54-yards in the first quarter alone.

Peterson ended up missing the last month of the season due to injury.  The writing was on the wall for him.

However no matter if he had been a superstar that last month or not, he was not going to start for the Cardinals in 2018.  So now that leads us to what is next for Peterson?

He will likely test the market.  He has never hinted he is ready to hang it up for good.  The problem will be finding a team that feels he can start for them.

He may have to accept that continuing to play means being a backup, like it or not.  The Cardinals are doing him a favor by not dragging this out through the summer.

Johnson is the guy in Arizona.  He should be for a long time coming.