Arizona Cardinals should make Seals-Jones top tight end

The Arizona Cardinals have been waiting on Jermaine Gresham to break out for the last two seasons

When the Arizona Cardinals signed Jermaine Gresham at tight end, it was thought to be a great pick up.  A tall tight end who can catch and run with the ball.

Unfortunately the Cardinals got a guy who is inconsistent and has a hard time hanging on to the ball at times.  His production has not been what it should be.

Enter Ricky Seals-Jones.  In just a few games towards the end of the 2017 season, when the Cardinals targeted him, he made the plays.

Over the last couple of games the Cardinals sort of got away from using him but then again the Cardinals under Bruce Arians were never much of a tight end use team.  Still, Gresham had opportunities.  As did Troy Niklas.

It was a bit surprising to see the Cardinals re-sign Gresham last year to a two-year contract.  Seals-Jones was a surprise.

Despite 37 receptions in 2016, there was still a feeling from where I sit that Gresham was underachieving.  Plus there was his attitude on the field.

He followed up with 33 receptions in 2017.  Seals-Jones had 12 receptions in 10 games, but only started one of them.  He was really only involved in the game plan for five weeks in November and December.

He had a connection with quarterback Blaine Gabbert.  Once Drew Stanton returned for the last two games of the season, Seals-Jones disappeared as well.

Gabbert nor Stanton will likely return, so where does that leave Seals-Jones?  It should leave him a golden opportunity to step up as a number two tight end.  Niklas may be gone and Gresham needs to pick it up now or he will be soon gone as well.

Seals-Jones proved he can catch.  He can also run with the ball.  He could be the go-to guy at tight end before the 2018 season is all said and done.

Of course having both Gresham and Seals-Jones get the job done would be ideal.  Let’s see who the Cardinals get to throw the ball to them first.