Former Cardinals safety Mathieu takes his paycut…in Houston

The Arizona Cardinals cut safety Tyrann Mathieu on Wednesday, who found his new home on Friday evening

Some of the same people who were upset to see former Arizona Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu get cut are now upset that he signed with the Houston Texans.  The main reason being the contract he reportedly signed.

It is reported that Mathieu signed a one-year deal worth $7 million.  That is less than the Cardinals final offer of $8 million made this week to him just before he was cut.

Don’t be mad at Mathieu.  It wasn’t just about the money.  He was ready for a change and wanted to be somewhere where he felt the team was about winning now.

From his perspective he felt like the Cardinals weren’t in a place about winning right now.  While that’s very debatable it certainly is understandable from his viewpoint.

The Cardinals are still trying to win now.  That much has been proven over the last couple of days with free agent signings.

Though the players the Cardinals have gotten, especially at quarterback, may not have been plan a, they are still trying to better the roster with all of the movement.

There is only so much a team with only $20 million in cap space can do.  Certainly comparing the Cardinals and the Texans current rosters, the Texans would seem to win out, especially on the offensive side of the ball.

Whatever the motivation, we should all be happy for the Honey Badger.  He has landed in a spot that makes him happy.  He gets to be on the same defense as defensive end J.J. Watt after all.

Mathieu has been nothing but gracious to Cardinals fans, thanking the team, fans, and community for his five years in the desert. It was time for a change.

Thank goodness though that change will happen in the AFC.  The Cardinals would not have to face him possibly until 2021 based on current schedule rotation rules.