Arizona Cardinals: One rule change that didn’t pass

Pass interference has always been a hot topic for Arizona Cardinals and the other 31-NFL teams but the rules in 2018 will remain the same

We earlier talked about some of the NFL rules changes that were made this past week.  For the Arizona Cardinals and the rest of the NFL one change that will remain the same is the penalty on pass interference.

Some have argued that they’d like to see the NFL implement the college rule of 15-yards for each pass interference infraction.  There are others that prefer the current rule of the spot foul.

Both sides have valid arguments.  The one for the 15-yard penalty may help and hurt defensive teams though.

It could help in the sense if it is a questionable call at best, the defense is only penalized the 15-yards.  In the same token, it could mean that defenders won’t mind purposely committing the penalty if they are beaten badly by the receiver.

The 15-yard variety of this infraction looks to benefit the defense the most.  The NFL is and has been trying for years to increase scoring.

Making the penalty a spot foul gives the offense the ball further down the field in most instances.  Thus, a greater opportunity to score.

It is back to those questionable calls where this rule comes into place.  A questionable call could cost a team 30,40, 50-yards or more.  That’s the way it has been though.

Now we know this is the way it will remain.  At least for now it will remain.  These types of rule changes are brought up each offseason.

However, as long as the NFL is interested in helping the scoreboard, then there really is no reason to change this rule.  It works for them.

What college does works for them too, although there are supporters of the college game to adopt the NFL rule.  As long as the calls on the field are viewed as the correct ones, the NFL rule should continue to be fine.