Sam Bradford too expensive to be Arizona Cardinals’ backup

Rumors that rookie Josh Rosen will open the 2018 campaign as the Arizona Cardinals’ starting quarterback appear to be unfounded

The Arizona Cardinals must’ve had an inkling that this would happen. The drafting of a high-profile quarterback like Josh Rosen has attracted a boatload of media attention. Reporters are already flocking to the rookie, and the Cardinals haven’t even put the pads on yet.

Rosen has been receiving rave reviews for his work this Spring. The 10th-overall pick’s control of the huddle has been praised. Rosen’s arm has proven to be both strong and accurate during the OTA’s, as well.

In front of the former UCLA Bruin on the Arizona depth chart sits Sam Bradford. The veteran signal-caller was signed back in March to be the squad’s starter. If the 30-year old can stay healthy (a big if), there’s a decent chance that the job will remain his for duration of the 2018 campaign.

But right on cue, talk that Rosen is ready to assume the starting duties right now has already begun. The Cards’ fans and media have been starved for a franchise-type passer for quite a long time. Now that the club has seemingly found one, many members of the “Red Sea” are anxious to see what the kid can do.

Unfortunately for the impatient, that is probably not going to happen. While Bradford has had a long history of injuries, the man plays well when he suits up. The 6’4″, 228 pounder was the first-overall pick of the 2010 draft, and has a 85.1 career quarterback rating.

Salaries could also play a huge role in determining who is under center on opening day. The Cardinals are paying Bradford $20 million for the upcoming season. Giving that kind of scratch to a backup would be completely ludicrous.

There’s also the possibility that Rosen just flat-out won’t be ready to take the reigns when the bullets start flying this September. It may be beneficial for the 21-year old to watch and learn for awhile. Bradford has made it perfectly clear that he’s willing to mentor the young Rosen.

Be patient Arizona fans. Don’t fret if Rosen is holding a clipboard on the sidelines when the regular-season commences. The future “face of the franchise” will be beginning his NFL journey soon enough.