Arizona Cardinals quarterback Rosen finds a way to win

It took three plus quarters but things finally started clicking for Arizona Cardinals Josh Rosen on Sunday

For much of Sunday afternoon at State Farm Stadium, it looked like just another Arizona Cardinals re-run.  A listless offense with a little more creativity than in weeks past was marching straight towards another loss.

Then a few minutes into the fourth quarter, something started clicking.  Usually you can’t just flip a switch but on Sunday it appeared that happened for quarterback Josh Rosen and the Cardinals offense.

He went 12-18 for 150-yards and two touchdowns in the fourth quarter alone.  That is more than he has done in some games.  He also found veteran Larry Fitzgerald eight times on Sunday.

What a difference it makes when you involve number 11.  He caught those eight for 102-yards and a touchdown.  He also caught a two-point conversion on the last touchdown.

What also changed was that he involved running back David Johnson in the passing game.  He caught four passes for 41-yards.  Some nice screen passes finally showing for the Cardinals.

What was great to see though was how he handled the pressure of the two-minute drive.  He was a calm, cool customer.  he found Fitz, Johnson, Ricky Seals-Jones, and Chad Williams all on the last drive.

Then he hit the topper.  He hit Christian Kirk in the back of the end zone for touchdown.  It was a great throw and a great catch.

The offensive line, who struggled all afternoon, finally gave Rosen enough time to find open receivers.  Now, it is time to build on this.

Rosen still made mistakes on Sunday.  He didn’t throw the ball away when he should and at times he still threw the ball away a little too quickly.

He will need to both learn to throw the ball away when nothing is there but also learn to make multiple reads.  It seemed as if he gave up on a couple of plays way to quickly.

Rosen showed more growth though on Sunday afternoon.  He will need these two weeks with the Cardinals on the bye to prepare for his next opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Rosen might actually be able to move the ball on the Chiefs defense.  They haven’t exactly been shutting other teams out.  Time to move on to the second half of the season and the continued maturation of Rosen.

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