Shaw should never play for Cardinals or anyone again

Arizona Cardinals cornerback Josh Shaw was suspended by the NFL on Friday for betting on football games

It was one thing for Arizona Cardinals cornerback Josh Shaw to be caught betting on NFL games.  The news got even worse on Monday as more details emerged.

Shaw, who was suspended through at least the end of the 2020 season by the NFL on Friday, was found to have bet on a Cardinals game per reports that surfaced on Monday.  Not only did he bet on a Cardinals game, he bet against the Cardinals.

Currently he is on injured reserve and has apparently had no contact with the team since the end of preseason.  That in itself is pretty troubling.  How a team paying a guy $800,000 isn’t keeping tabs on a player even though he is injured is kind of amazing.

However it may be, Shaw has been busy betting in Las Vegas.  He was caught betting because he decided he wanted to apply for a line of credit at Caesars.

On his credit application he put as his occupation “professional football player”.  I mean, just how dumb can one get?  He wasn’t even hiding it.

The NFL rules prohibit employees and players from betting on professional football.  Employees found to have broken that rule are immediately terminated.

Shaw had to know those rules.  Did he not think the NFL would find out?  Well, however he thought it would go down, it didn’t go the way he likely planned.

Shaw reportedly put down money on a 3-team parlay in Vegas on November 10th.  He bet against the Cardinals in the second half of the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The NFL found out because the Casino notified the Nevada Gaming Board, who in turn alerted the NFL.  Again, how Shaw felt these steps wouldn’t be taken is hard to fathom, unless he really was that naive to the rules.

Shaw clearly has seen his last day with the Cardinals.  The fact he so blatantly bet on NFL games, against his own team, should keep him banned from the NFL for life.  How can any teammate ever trust him again?