Arizona Cardinals being shown blueprint to succeed

The Arizona Cardinals are going to continue to face challenges being in the NFC West but are being shown how to win

While the Arizona Cardinals sit at home this weekend and watch teams like the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks win in the playoffs, you can’t help but think it could be continued tough sledding in the NFC West.  However from what we’ve seen, the Cardinals are on their way up.

They got the franchise quarterback.  A quarterback in Kyler Murray that can pass and run.  What they are missing is defensive pass rush and a secondary to protect leads.

We saw those failures come to fruition during the 2019 regular season.  In fact, no greater examples appeared than in the two losses to the 49ers.

The defense is a huge reason why the Cardinals lost both games to their division rival.  What we saw on Saturday from the 49ers in their NFC Divisional Playoff win over the Minnesota Vikings was a dominant defense, sprinkled in with timely offense for a convincing win to advance to the NFC Championship next week.

The Cardinals have a running game that rivals the 49ers with Kenyan Drake and Chase Edmonds.  We still don’t know the future of David Johnson.

The Cardinals passing game seemingly rivals the 49ers but they 49ers have made better use of their weapons, namely in their tight end.  The Cardinals have 3 good tight ends who should be used more.

There is no reason why the Cardinals can’t reach where the 49ers and Seahawks have.  Rebuilding doesn’t happen over night.  Just ask the 49ers.  They spent 6 years struggling in the NFC West along with the Los Angeles Rams, who also have risen from the ashes, while the Cardinals and Seahawks were on top.

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It’s all cyclical.  Hopefully the time at the bottom for the Cardinals doesn’t last long but with what the rest of the division is doing right now, it is going to be tough but also leaves a lot for the Cardinals to follow the example of.

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