Arizona Cardinals draft needs to be productive

Arizona Cardinals logo (Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images)
Arizona Cardinals logo (Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images) /

The Arizona Cardinals have needs in a number of spots going into the 2020 NFL Draft Thursday night

Clearly the Arizona Cardinals need the biggest help on both the defensive line and offensive line.  A linebacker or two would be nice as well.

The Cardinals have a total of six picks over the three-day draft.  Round one is Thursday evening with rounds two and three on Friday night.  Rounds four through seven will be on Saturday.

Cardinals general manager Steve Keim must have a good draft to keep his job past 2020.  He doesn’t necessarily need to hit a home run because frankly there are just so many unknowns this year with not getting to do a lot of the pre-draft rituals.

He still needs to find six players (or more if they make trades) who can help this team now.  A project player from a small school in Arkansas or Maine isn’t going to help them right now.  I’m all for the small school players but this year there really isn’t room to make that happen on the Cardinals roster.

It’s not impossible to see a pick at any of the named three positions but we should always expect the unexpected.  The guesses that the Cardinals will make some kind of trade during the draft do not seem to be going away.

The fact is no one knows what will happen before it happens.  The Cardinals could take any one of a dozen players Thursday night.

So here’s the deal.  Whoever the pick on Thursday is, it won’t make everyone happy.  Whoever gets drafted by the Cardinals on Friday and Saturday will have supporters and detractors.

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The team just needs to find the right balance of decent talent they can slot into the lineup now.  Now is not the time to take chances.  Well, not if the Cardinals want to win in 2020 anyway.