Arizona Cardinals don’t need a new backup quarterback

The Arizona Cardinals shouldn’t fix what’s not broken

There have been some calls for the Arizona Cardinals to look into signing former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton as their backup.  That was even discussed by one of our own this past week.

Plain and simple, the Cardinals don’t need him.  The Cardinals should feel set with their backup situation and it’s not just a Cam Newton thing either.

For argument sake, let’s first say it was all about Newton and not needing him, which they don’t.  Cam wants to be a starter, he won’t settle for sitting behind Kyler Murray all season.

Ok, sure, what if Murray were to get hurt?  It happens in this league.  Starting quarterbacks get hurt all the time.

Someone like Murray who is mobile and spends a lot of time outside the pocket could be more susceptible to injury.  The Cardinals only had to replace Murray once last season thankfully and current backup Brett Hundley came through with flying colors in the second half at the Seattle Seahawks in week 16.

That brings us to the second point.  Hundley knows the offense.  His arm is plenty good enough.  No he’s not quite the mobile quarterback Murray is but he doesn’t need to be.

Let’s say Newton does get signed and Murray does go down with an injury.  Then Newton plays great.  What do you do when Murray gets well?  Do you think despite it being Murray that if Newton had things rolling the right way it would be that easy to put Newton back on the bench?

Same can be said for any other quarterback but with Newton especially who is a starting caliber quarterback, it’s just hard to see it being that easy.  A quarterback controversy would be a distraction.

So, let’s just drop the idea of Newton or anyone else coming in at this point.  Unless something drastically changes with Hundley, he’s the backup plan.