Arizona Cardinals likely to lose preseason games

Not many tears should be shed when Arizona Cardinals lose two games in August

You can file this upcoming NFL news under the not real shocking news category.  The Arizona Cardinals will only get two preseason games according to a report by, as the preseason is going to be cut in half.

The report indicates the NFL plans on eliminating weeks one and four.  This would mean the Cardinals would lose out on going to visit the Green Bay Packers in preseason week one and lose out on hosting the Denver Broncos in week four.

While it would be fun to see the Cardinals take on the Packers in Green Bay, its week one where not many starters play.  The same can be said for week four when almost no starters play.  That Broncos game is certainly meaningful to some who are trying to make a last impression to make the 53-man roster or maybe potentially snag a practice roster spot.

Some call week four the most meaningless game of the year.  While it is meaningful to those mentioned previously, it is not going to force any tears from Cardinals fans eyes for sure.

This means the Cardinals preseason will leave them with two games on the schedule.  They host the Kansas City Chiefs in week two and go to Las Vegas to visit the Raiders in week three.

That of course is subject to change.  In fact, you should probably expect further adjustments to training camp and/or preseason games in some manner.  Unfortunately it just seems to be headed in that direction.

Last week Kyler Murray practiced with his receivers in Texas.  We just need to all hope the team will be able to come together in some form by the end of July or beginning of August.

For now, we just wait for the official announcement.  Pro Football Talk says it’s a done deal but reports are the NFLPA has not signed off on it yet.  No love loss for preseason games, lets just hope there can be a way to play regular season games at this point on either a full or partial schedule.