Arizona Cardinals should see hope from MLB

MLB returned to camp this week with a low Covid-19 positive rate, which should give Arizona Cardinals and others hope

Not every test result is in, however so far since MLB players returned to their teams the last couple of days, only 1 percent have reportedly tested positive for COVID-19.  For the Arizona Cardinals and others, is that a low enough percentage to be able to return to camp on time at the end of July?

Even one percent sucks but in football, with more bodies available, if they initially test in like that before camp begins, then they may be able to make it to the regular season.  However, although it may start out with low numbers, the concern is it could spread quicker, even in a quarantine situation as there is much more contact in football as you know.

Some still think MLB can’t survive with the amount of positive tests already.  Of the 30 teams, 19 reportedly had at least one player test positive.

The Cardinals just saw preseason reduced this past week from four games to two games.  There is talk it could be eliminated alltogether but more on that later next week.

The NFL said this past week that camps will start on time.  However we are still talking about four weeks away from now.  At lot can happen between now and then.

Even if camps start on time, the regular season could still be delayed if there is enough bad news in the Covid-19 arena that could put players at higher risk.  Right now the Cardinals and the other 31 NFL teams will have to play it day by day.

Arizona of course is one of the Coronavirus hot spots in the country right now.  That may or may not translate to the Cardinals

The Arizona Diamondbacks have not announced any players testing positive, yet.  Some are reportedly still awaiting results.  We are crossing fingers and holding out hope but still not holding a breath that camps will open on time.