Ranking Arizona Cardinals top draft picks since 2016

(Photo by Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) Kyler Murray
(Photo by Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) Kyler Murray /
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The Arizona Cardinals have seen below-average results from previous drafts

And to call Steve Keim’s results below-average is an ultra-generous statement. In fact, the popular Lindy’s Draft Magazine graded the Arizona Cardinals‘ 5-Year Breakdown a D, tied with the Las Vegas Raiders for worst in the league and one of just four teams to have been issued a D+, or worse.

Regardless of Keim’s questionable calls over the years, in which a paltry 6 of 36 draft picks over the previous 5 seasons remain starters, Keim has his fair share of ringers. Including the first-round draft picks over the previous two seasons.

So maybe he’s finally turning the corner and figuring things out. Hopefully, that’s the case, since he signed over a half-dozen veterans on the wrong side of 30. None of which figure to be long-term solutions.

And hey, it’s better late than never since at this point, the 2022 Cardinals remain the only team in the NFC West with a first-round draft pick. Thanks to trades among its NFC West Rivals. If Keim finally gets it right, the Cardinals are onto something.

But for now, let’s look at his best picks since 2016. Starting with a late-bloomer.