Rumor hints at possible new uniforms for the Arizona Cardinals

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For those who are wanting the Arizona Cardinals uniforms changed, there is a rumor that could be a sign of good news.

Ever since last year, the current Arizona Cardinals jerseys have been spoken up about on how bad they look, and how the team is continuously ranked at the bottom of NFL uniform power rankings.

This fire had gasoline poured on it when the Cardinals’ franchise quarterback, Kyler Murray said on a Twitch stream last year that he prefers “that state flag look,” in which he referred to the mid-90s to early 2000s away uniforms that the team had.

The only player from Arizona‘s 2020 roster who had the opportunity to wear that beautiful uniform is the team’s legendary receiver, Larry Fitzgerald.

Rumor shared about possible new Arizona Cardinals uniforms in the works

On Tuesday, a new uniform-related rumor came from’s Johnny Venerable. 

He passed along some info in a tweet saying that the Cardinals’ brass was actually surprised that the fans didn’t like the team’s current uniforms that have been worn since the 2005 season.

It’s been made very clear by Arizona’s fans that new uniforms for the team are needed and they would fire everyone up.

Just check Twitter, especially after the Cardinals sent out a cryptic tweet this past March mentioning the fan base’s constant desire for new uniforms. Not to mention Murray also shared a redesign of the team’s threads in April on his personal Instagram.

So here’s the timeline so far.

  • Murray says he likes “that state flag look” on twitch stream (March 2020)
  • Numerous mailbag letters to’s Darren Urban throughout 2020
  • Official team Twitter account post tells fans to cool it (March 2021)
  • Kyler Murray shared jersey concept (April 2021)
  • Rumor about “underestimated” dislike of uniforms (June 1, 2021)

Once again, it’s safe to say that fans will only get louder as Arizona continues to (possibly) evaluate the team’s uniforms.

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The new Cardinals jerseys would set the team’s fan base into a happy frenzy and it would build excitement towards the franchise’s first chance at being relevant since 2015.